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Let us answer some of your questions about our service

What does Cieek do?

Cieek is a leading ad network that leverages the latest technology to help businesses reach their target audience and increase ROI. Our ad optimization techniques are designed to maximize the value of every impression.


What are Push Ads?
Web push are notifications delivered directly to desktop or mobile devices and in-page push ads delivered to websites. for more information visit:


What are Pop Ads?
Pop Ads are popped windows displayed on top of or under a currently browsed tab. for more information visit:


What are Domain Redirect Ads?
Domain redirects are full-page ads triggered by redirects from oarked domains. for more information visit: www.cieek


What is the difference between keywords, targets, sources?

Keywords, targets, and sources are different levels of targeting.

Keywords allow you to target specific web pages within all the traffic. For example – if you want traffic for a shopping campaign you can use keywords such as hats, clothes, shoes. This will direct traffic based on these keywords to your campaign.


When will my campaign be approved?
Campaigns are generally reviewed by our approval team within 24 hours.


What are the best converting verticals?

The best converting verticals are E-commerce, Mobile app downloads, and Sweeps.


Do you provide with Campaign Analytical report?

We do provide live tracking analytics for every new active campaign.


How can i get a refund?

If you are unhappy with our service you can request a refund here.


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